So I, like so many others, saw Andrew Hussie's MS Paint Adventures and thought to myself,
wouldn't that be barrels of fun to do?
So I did just that.
And this is that.
I take all the suggestions from a forum called the Nintendo Cult,
which despite what the name implies is actually a pretty
all-around great place. Especially for attempting on of
these kinds of things. I try to get these out all the time, but bare minimum there
will be one a week. You have my word.

I make another comic, Drawing Board.
It's probably a lot worse than this, but I like it better
than this comic because it's not heavily influenced by anything
like this comic is by Andrew Hussie's MS Paint Adventures.
It's all completely original stuff.

Anything else I've done I can probably be found here.

PS: You can contact me at:
MSPANCEcomic (at) gmail (dot) com.